CSS Solved Past Papers

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Solved Past Papers of Central Superior Services (CSS) Competitive Examinations.

CSS-2019 General Science & Ability (Mathematics Section)
Q.6(a) | Q.6(b) | Q.6(c) | Q.7(a)

CSS-2016 General Science & Ability (Mathematics Section)
Q.10(a) | Q.10(b) | Q.11(a) | Q.11(b) | Q.12(a) | Q.12(b)

CSS-2017 Essay Paper

CSS-2017 Pakistan Affairs

CSS-2017 Current Affairs

CSS-2016 Essay Paper

CSS-2016 Pakistan Affairs

CSS-2016 Current Affairs

CSS Précis Writing

CSS ENGLISH (Précis and Composition)
Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

CSS ENGLISH (Précis and Composition)
Write a comprehensive note (250 – 300 words) on: