Reading Comprehension 2013

Answer No.1
The author called Confucius belief about the progress of human society as a delusion because he disagrees that the present society cannot achieve what the previous rulers did. He believes human society to be progressive.

Answer No.2
Confucius thought affected China to become stable and prosper by giving its society a complete system of ethical norms and rendering it to be a distinct civilization.

Answer No.3
Confucian system deserves respect and admiration because of centuries-long survival from the eras of chaos due to the features it carry.

Answer No.4
The author called the Confucius system purely ethical and not religious because it is not based on unearthly beliefs. In fact, it teaches practical aspects of practical social affairs.

Answer No.5
I agree with the Confucius ideal of ‘gentleman’ as it is a good social approach for establishing a stable, peaceful and civilized society. Further, this ideal has helped China into a civilized region.