Child is the Father of Man

Write a comprehensive note (250 – 300 words) on “Child is the Father of Man”.
Write an essay on “Child is the Father of Man”.

A child shows every indication what and how it will be when it grows up. What the child is shows how it will be. In a child we find in germs all the qualities, physical, mental and spiritual which it develops when it is grown up. A child has certain habits and traits which, with the passage of time grow up to be the habits and traits of a man. Looking at the child one develops an idea what kind of a man or woman the child is going to be.

The sense can be made clear otherwise “As the twig is bent, so the tree will grow”. Assessing not only from the trees but also humans we can predict how they will be when they are grown ups. If the young plant is straight and healthy, it is easy to foretell that the tree growing out of the young plant will develop into a straight and healthy tree. If the young tree is not straight and healthy it will grow but will not be healthy and straight tree. Likewise the children taking birth in the families which have some strongly marked diseases or moral weaknesses will surely have the diseases or moral weaknesses when they grow up. On the contrary the children growing up in the families with healthy influence will grow up into man or woman of strong character.

However, the saying stands true in most of the cases but it is not always true. History gives us the instances which show that those having promising childhood experience disappointing manhood. On the other hand the boys, who seemed to have unpromising childhood, grew up to be the most successful men. Because of the economy of time and space I am not going to give here the catalogue of instances from history.

At the end of the day we are left with the idea that the paradoxical saying, “The child is the father of man” holds true to a larger extent.

Let us love children and take special care in their nourishment. Children are the ones who are going to matter to the world in future. Considering their importance to that extent we should bring them up under strong and healthy influence and develop in them the habits which will make them and their community healthy and strong.