CPEC and security conditions in Baluchistan

Baluchistan is turning out to be the most important link and first destination of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Besides home of the Gwadar Port, it is of vital importance for success of CPEC. Amid this scenario, the security situation of the province is becoming an important concern for the Pakistani government and the Chinese stakeholders. With proper action against the militants and effective dialogue with the separatists along with giving due share from CPEC to Baloch people; things can be improved.

Present Security Situation of Baluchistan in Respect of CPEC
Currently, Baluchistan is facing following kinds of threats to its security thus hampering the successful operation of CPEC:

  • Hideouts and activities of militants being supported by external powers to sabotage CPEC.
  • Separatists opposing CPEC through their violent actions against the government bodies.
  • Influx of terrorist from the Afghan border to create chaos in Baluchistan and rest of the Pakistan.

Security Measures that can be taken in Baluchistan in respect of CPEC
It goes clear that the security measures in Baluchistan are inevitable to secure the investment coming in the form of CPEC. The project is as vital as is the security of the province. Amid efforts of external powers like India to sabotage CPEC, following security measures can be taken:

  • Military action against the foreign militants using the land of Baluchistan for their activities against CPEC by damaging the peace in the province.
  • Dialogue with the separatists of Baluchistan should be started instead of dealing them with the military actions. This will enable them to find a proper vent for their grievances. Besides dialogue, they must be given proper chance to surrender and must be rehabilitated later through mainstreaming.
  • Strict diplomatic actions should be taken, against the countries interfering in Baluchistan to hamper CPEC.
  • There is need to make the Baluch people aware of their share in the CPEC along with giving them that share.
  • If provided education, given jobs and facilities to the coming generations; Baluchistan’s security can be improved thus making CPEC successful.

CPEC is the important project which is not possible without improved security condition in Baluchistan. Proper action against militants and dialogue with the separatists can help in improving the security situation of the province thus making CPEC to come into successful practice. Further, effective formulization to bring the Baluch people into mainstream can greatly help in this regard. If ensured about their share in prosperity and development, they will truly revert towards nationalism rather than provincialism.