US-India strategic partnership

Following the recent developments like ‘Logistic Exchange Memorandum of Association’ (LEMOA) between India and the U.S; the regional balance of power and status quo seem to be facing some serious impact. This new strategic partnership in not only altering the alliances in the region but also leading to the militarization of the Indian Ocean.

Understanding US-India Strategic Partnership
United States and India have marked an unprecedented proximity in their bilateral relations. These relations are of strategic nature. First the civil nuclear deal between both the nations and now the LEMOA; both mark the rise of a new era for them. Currently, U.S. has helped India to sign Civil Nuclear Deal with Japan thus further strengthening their strategic partnership. The reasons behind the rise of this partnership are following:

  • Mutual effort of India and U.S to contain the Chinese rise in Asia
  • Urge of United States to use India as a political partner against the Chinese effort to oust U.S. from Asia
  • Aim to build a new alliance in Asia in order to counter the non-traditional strategic threats.

Impacts of U.S-India Strategic Partnership in the Region and in the Indian Ocean Region
Following impacts can be seen in this regard:

  • The partnership has led to nearness of India with the Southeast Asian States like Japan
  • The partnership has made China, Russia and other regional powers to review their policies and interests attached with the scenario
  • It has brought China closer to Pakistan with the former’s interest to hold the latter as a tool to counter balance the Indian presence
  • Russia is also reviewing its alliance with India after the latter is getting closer to the United States
  • Indian Ocean is being militarized amid the Indo-US strategic partnership
  • Indian ocean is once again being monopolized amid silent yet apparent efforts of new blocs
  • A shift in alliance is being marked i.e. Russia, China and Pakistan are getting close to counter US-India strategic partnership
  • There has been marked an increase in Chinese effort to bring Southeast Asian nations closer along with showing a strict stance on the disputed South China sea waters.

US-India relations resulting in strategic partnership are not vague or empty for the region. They are strongly impacting the balance of power here along with increasing the conflict over Indian ocean’s control. This unprecedented scenario is for sure the obvious yet indirect result of the strategic partnership between U.S and India who see themselves as one against the Chinese rise.