Girls are more intelligent than Boys

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In modern times it is becoming increasingly evident that girls are more intelligent than boys leading to the conclusion that the fair sex can also work at par with their male counterparts. Girls have proved themselves to be equally efficient and creative in many fields of life. Be it the field of medicine, law, nursing, teaching, industry, space, etc. girls have made their mark in these fields and even surpassed boys.

While there is no accepted standard of measuring the intelligence of both the sexes, however, it is generally observed that girls have time and again outshone boys in various socio-economic fields. Today physical weakness for girls stands invalid as they have stepped in those fields hitherto unknown to them. For example, a Pakistani woman, Samina Baig, became the first Pakistani woman to scale the Mount Everest. Mountaineering was considered the domain of men in the past but intelligent and brave woman named Samina Baig broke this barrier which shows her unparalleled courage and determination. Another promising Pakistani young girl who attracted the attention of the world by her matchless contribution towards computer science has proved herself a computer prodigy. The name of this talented and intelligent girl is Arifa Abdul Karim. She is world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional and is recipient of Fatima Jinnah Gold Medal and Salam Pakistan Youth Award. To become a Microsoft professional at such a young age is really a feather in her cap. So it is also a fact that neither girls nor boys can be singled out as being more intelligent than the other. If, in history, there was a man renowned for his intelligence, certainly there was also a woman of equally gifted intelligence around to match him.

In modern times, it has been observed that boys are playing a leading role in various field of life. It does not mean that they have completely overshadowed girls; rather it is the matter of opportunities. It is generally observed that girls often do not get enough opportunities for progress and development. They have to face gender bias on every step. If they are given equal opportunities, then they can also produce wonders like boys as they have time and again proved themselves to be second to none in various fields.