Quaid-e-Azam and Two Nation Theory

Jinnah was a visionary who rightly exploited the situation at Lahore Resolution to give the Two Nation Theory a concrete outlook. He brought the Indian problem out of the shackles of communalism into its internationalized character seeing a situation when during the world war two years, India was seeking attention of the US President Roosevelt as well.

“The problem in India is not of inter-communal nature, but manifestly of an international one, and it must be treated as such.” Jinnah’s presidential address to the annual session of All India Muslim League in March 1940.

Two Nation Theory & Lahore Resolution
Two Nation Theory was an evolutionary theory in the history of the Sub-Continent. It clearly stated that the Hindus and the Muslims are two different nations who cannot be merged into one another in political, religious or even socio-cultural way.

Two Nation Theory sought a formal recognition in the address of Jinnah in 1940. Before calling the Indian issue as an international one, he took time to explain the material and spiritual differences between the two nations. This was a signal by the Muslim League that from now on only Two Nation Theory would be the guiding principle of the struggle of the Muslims. Lahore Resolution of 1940 is important also because it was a platform where the practical manifestation of the Two Nation Theory was presented by Fazal ul Haq who described the geographical division feasible under this theory.

Indian Problem as an International One
Jinnah repudiated that Indian problem was mere a communal one. He called it international problem because;

  • Both Hindus and the Muslims fulfilled all the criteria to be called as two nations
  • Indian problem was not communal because it was now gaining attention of the world community
  • It was impossible to take this matter a communal one and let it unsolved without interference of any foreign hand

Two Nation Theory was a concrete reality. Jinnah inculcated this theory effectively on the eve of All India Muslim League session of 1940. Internationalization of the Indian problem was in real meaning the manifestation of the Two Nation Theory.