Commerce MCQs

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Commerce multiple choice questions (MCQs).

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1. Which from the following is NOT among essentials of a valid contract?
(A) Consensus ad idem
(B) More than two parties
(C) Lawful consideration
(D) Free consent

2. Raw materials that are remaining at the end of the reporting period are treated as
(A) current assets
(B) fixed assets
(C) expenses
(D) liabilities

3. The selling price of some goods is $1500 and cost to sell the goods is $200. What is the Net Realizable Value (NRV)?
(A) $1000
(B) $1200
(C) $1300
(D) $1500

4. Shares of a public company are usually traded on a
(A) central bank
(B) stock exchange
(C) securities & Exchange Commission
(D) hedge fund

5. Selling bonds is a way to
(A) paying debt
(B) improve exchange rate
(C) lend loans
(D) obtain loans

1. (B) More than two parties
2. (A) current assets
3. (C) $1300
4. (B) stock exchange
5. (D) obtain loans