Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched

Write a comprehensive note (250 – 300 words) on “Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched”.
Write an essay on “Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched”.

It is said that nothing is certain unless it is achieved or accomplished. This quote can be interpreted in another English proverb which says, “Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.” It is human nature to start jubilation and dancing a little before victory or success but the real taste of victory or success is savoured only when it is achieved completely. Sometimes it has been observed that success or victory is denied to us when it is just inches away from us and the merciless hand of fate intervenes to play its role making us stare at our fate wide-eyed. Therefore, a man should not expect success at the very outset of any task or work, rather he should bring it to its logical end to taste true success.

There goes an English saying that all is well that ends well. So it is the end which sums up success or failure of a particular task. A man can’t rely on mere conjectures, predictions and anticipations to measure the chances of success of his plans or strategies unless he has actually gone through this task.

If we look towards history, it will be found out that the great movements and revolutions that shaped the destinies of nations were full of ups and downs and uncertainties. In the beginning, nobody was sure of their success but with the passage of time they attained completion which brought about certainty and confidence among the masses. For example, when the prophet of Islam started preaching the word of God Almighty, he faced unfathomable hardships and difficulties. His detractors and opponents strained every nerve to fail him. They jeered at him. So his way was full of uncertainties. But when he successfully completed his mission, it was when his message stood certain and strong.

The French Revolution (1789-1799) which changed and reshaped the polity of the French was also a period of upheaval and disorder. It was also a period of uncertainty. But when it reached its logical end, there was a wave of newfound patriotism and certainty among the French.

The Chinese Revolution (1949) which marked the beginning of modern and prosperous China was also a period of great trials and tribulations. The destinies of the Chinese were totally uncertain and shaky at the start but after a long-drawn struggle the Chinese were successful enough to reach the pinnacle of glory and success. They became sure and certain about the glory and greatness of their country.

The Russian Revolution (1917) which put an end to Tzarist autocracy in Russia was also an epoch of uncertainties and obscurities. But when the dust of this revolution settled, it brought a wave of certainty and stability in the Russian polity.

Hence, it is proved that nothing is certain unless it is achieved. The way to glory and success is full of uncertainties but it can be paved through strong determination and will-power.