More and More Military Engagements by the United Nations

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Thesis Statement: Amid the increasing military engagements by the UN in the form of its peacekeeping missions in several African and some Middle Eastern countries; the world seems gradually moving away from peace as the crisis remains unsolved in the said regions.

Body Paragraphs

1. Understanding the U.N Military Engagements
(A) Peacekeeping Missions
(B) Military Observer Groups
(C) Supervisions of a combative situation through representatives for peace.

2. Analyzing U.N military engagements in Africa and how it failed to lead the world towards peace
(A) Unsettled crisis in Congo, Sudan and Somalia
(B) Still surviving crisis of Aouzou Strip in Chad and Libya

3. How the UN military engagements in the Middle East are preventing the world from attaining ultimate peace
(A) UN observation group’s presence in Lebanon and its failure to end the Lebanese conflict with Israel
(B) UN observation group in Syria and its failure to end the Syrian crisis.

4. UN military engagement in Asia has failed to lead the world towards peace
(A) UN Military Observer Group between Pakistan and India has not been able to end the boundary crisis in the region
(B) UN Military Observer Group has failed to solve the border dispute between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Despite the repeated military engagements led by the U.N. in South Asia, Africa and Middle East; the body has failed to lead the world towards peace. The crisis remains unresolved or mostly resurface in African and Middle Eastern regions thus undermining the global peace.

The Essay:
U.N was established following the 2nd World War to establish the world security regime and to ensure long lasting peace in the new global order. To achieve this rhetoric, the U.N devised different ways to combat the elements threatening the world security or peace. One method is its military engagement. That comes in the form of Peacekeeping mission and Military Observer groups deployed across the world states facing some sort of security or peace crisis. The performance of such military engagements led by the U.N are however not seen as a greater success. There are factors that reveal that as the military engagements of the U.N are increasing, the world keeps on drifting from the path of peace and peaceful coexistence. The apparent manifestations supporting this assertion lie in the failure of U.N led peacekeeping missions and military observer groups to ensure peace in African countries of Congo, Sudan and Somalia. Further, the failure of U.N military engagement in ending the Middle Eastern crisis has clearly depicted the situation of deteriorating world peace amid the futile efforts.