CSS General Science Solved Q.12(b) 2016

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CSS General Science & Ability Paper 2016
Q.No.12 (b) Five friends Ahmed, Ali, Akbar, Nasir and Shehbaz went on summer vacation to five cities namely V, W, X, Y and Z by five different modes of transportation, that is by bus, train, airplane, car and boat from point A. Akbar went to Y by car and Ali went to X by air. Nasir traveled by boat whereas Shehbaz went by train. For X and W there is no bus service. The person who went to X did not use boat to travel. Now answer the following questions:
(i) How did Ahmed travel and where did he go?
(ii) Which mode of transport was used by the person who traveled to X city?

From the given information, we have

Person City Transport
Akbar Y Car
Ali X Airplane
Nasir Boat
Shehbaz Train

NOTE: In table, the only remaining person and transport are Ahmed and bus. So, Ahmed must be traveled by bus. And, it is also given that there is no bus service to W. Hence, Ahmed must be gone to V or Z. Hence,

(i) Ahmed traveled by bus and went to V or Z.

(ii) It is given that (see table) Ali went to X by airplane.