Evils and Eradication of War

The writer reiterates war as the possible cause of collapse of civilizations. War is unbearable but not once its victims lack a way out. In past war could outnumber in destruction as compared to benefits. At present states fight war keeping an option of exemption for the loser. The evils of war remain hidden when the warring society seeks political and economic benefits from it even though the powerful god of war takes lives and happiness from society. The society, however, reaching at top of prosperity begins to translate its resources into military power. But then it also begins to realize war as a cancer that grows destroying healthy tissues. In such scenarios of history, efforts were made to save society by abandoning war. This provided with two options. One is individual-oriented and the other is state-oriented. In the former individuals refuse to take part in any war against anyone for any purpose. In the second option, governments of states join hands against aggression and its causes. And the second option until now seems more fruitful for containing war.