Biochemistry MCQs FPSC NTS PPSC Past Papers Test Questions

Biochemistry MCQs questions with answers for FPSC NTS PPSC SPSC KPPSC test preparation. Biochemistry multiple choice questions (MCQs) Test with Answers.

Biochemistry MCQs

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1. A laboratory technique used for the separation of a mixture in order to be analyzed and studied is known as
(A) nitrification
(B) chromatography
(C) catalysis
(D) fermentation

2. Which Chromatography technique is commonly used for analyzing the volatile substances?
(A) Paper Chromatography
(B) Liquid Chromatography
(C) Gas Chromatography
(D) Thin-layer Chromatography

3. The area of chemistry that is generally concerned with the measurement of chemicals in body fluids, such as blood and urine is known as
(A) biotechnology
(B) bioinformatics
(C) genetic engineering
(D) clinical chemistry

4. Use of biotechnology in food production refers to
(A) blue biotechnology
(B) white biotechnology
(C) green biotechnology
(D) yellow biotechnology

5. Bio-Chemistry is concerned with the study of the components of
(A) cells
(B) atoms
(C) molecules
(D) compounds

1. (B) chromatography
2. (C) Gas Chromatography
3. (D) clinical chemistry
4. (D) yellow biotechnology
5. (A) cells