Love is Beautiful but Baleful god

Write a comprehensive note (250 – 300 words) on “Love is Beautiful but Baleful god”.
Write an essay on “Love is Beautiful but Baleful god”.

Love is a passion which even animals are seen to have. I have said animals do have this passion because it is conspicuous among animals for their newly born. This beatitude of love is in excess among humans. Love has many forms and aspects. That is, love of parents for their children, conjugal love and romantic love. Let us dispose of the love of parents for their children first. Love of parents for their children is natural phenomena but when it becomes cloyingly excessive then it becomes a baleful factor in human life. Parents, in some cases pamper their children too much. They cater everything to them and spoon feed them. The children even when they become adult get everything readymade. Consequently they become dependent upon others and not utilization their dispositions cease to be self made men.

Conjugal love, to an extent, is reasonable and natural but it has its downside too. If married love is one sided, one is fated to be underestimated or underrated by the other. In many cases it has been observed that too much conjugal love breeds jealousy and over possession among married couples. Loving one person too much results in being enamored with the one and ignoring the other important relations in family. Here love becomes detrimental to a family too. Sometimes this type of love causes in attention to ones parents who at the senile stage of their life need their children’s attention. The story doesn’t end here. One who shows cloying love to his family loses his friends and acquaintances.

Romantic love affair need not be overemphasized. It’s a common sight among the youth of every period. Though very desirable and natural such love affairs prove to be syrupy. Shakespeare said “There is no more flatterer than the man’s self , a lover is even more than that. At a very young age people become head over heels in love with each other. Over possession and failing in love even with the idea of love become natural. A man is divorced from reason in such situation. For such lunatics the worldly affairs merit no importance. At a very young age when one has time and energy in store, having fallen in love, one loses both. The fact remains that the young of today who are going to matter to the world in future become useless by burning their candle at both ends. Everything great has been done by the youth but if our youth keeps immersed in platonic and syrupy love affairs most of the great things will remain undone and undiscovered.