Pakistan’s national culture reflects unity in diversity. Elaborate.

National Culture of Pakistan is a blend of Punjabi, Pashtun, Baloch and Sindhi outlooks. All these are diverse in their material and non-material approaches. Despite this diversity, the culture of Pakistan is marked with the unity cemented by our shared goals and common beliefs. Amid the minor rifts ignited by provincialism and ethnicity, Pakistan’s national culture remains one marking the united people of varying origins and of different social strata.

Defining Pakistan’s National Culture:
National Culture of Pakistan can be defined as an amalgam of all the material and non-material thoughts, ideas, perceptions and practices common in the diverse ethnic groups residing in Pakistan and shaping its outlook. National culture of Pakistan does not have a point-source rather it seeks strength and content from multiple sources.

How Pakistan’s National Culture is Diverse?
The co-existence of four major provincial and ethnic groups known as Punjabi, Baloch, Pashtun and Sindhi; with their varying ideas about social customs, with different approaches towards development and with separate thought about the politico-economic setups – makes Pakistan’s national culture diverse.

How Pakistan’s Diverse National Culture Marks Unity?
Pakistan’s national culture reflects unity in diversity by:

  • Bringing into consideration the varying social customs of all the ethnic groups
  • Maintaining a sense of harmony among the differing socio-economic approaches among different people living in Pakistan
  • Establishing the environment for co-existence for all the cultural patterns no matter how different they are from one another
  • Mainstreaming the people of all origins for common goals of nation’s defense, prosperity and development
  • Introducing the trait of tolerance and acceptance for each other’s cultural values and tribal histories
  • Providing the people of different backgrounds shared beliefs, one ideology and common religious sentiments
  • Ensuring the opportunity of social mobility for everyone irrespective of his or her ethnic background.

With all these manifestations, the national culture of Pakistan stands out to be eminently united amid the diverse social, political and economic approaches of people from different origins, backgrounds and histories.

National Culture of any country is what its people thing and practice along with what they hold dear and what they defend. As far as Pakistan is concerned, it is no exception in this regard. It has a national culture united and cemented in the diversity of socio-political thoughts and cultural variations. People from all the four major ethnic groups and provinces remain united amid the minor rifts over their rights and sharing the national wealth.