Actions speak louder than words

Write a comprehensive note (250 – 300 words) on “Actions speak louder than words”.
Write an essay on “Actions speak louder than words”.

It is a well-known saying that amply depicts the character, thinking and personality of a person. It is always an action that decides the intentions and motives of a person when he or she tries to do something practical. It is pertinent to mention that however rhetorical and scholarly people may be, they cannot prove their worth unless they match their actions with whatever they profess or propagate. This saying reveals a true picture of a society, nation and country. Socially and individually, a man of words and not of deeds cannot prosper and progress in life simply because his words run counter to whatever he does practically. It is always the actions of great leaders that make their countries strong and prosperous. If we look back at history, it will be proved that leaders like Quaid-e-Azam, Mao Tse Tung, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Napoleon, Nelson Mandela etc. matched their rhetoric with actions and brought their nations to the pinnacle of success and glory. So actions are louder than words. The Prophet of Islam (PBUH) not only preached but also matched his preaching with his actions that motivated and inspired his followers.

In modern age, many countries and nations of the world are categorized as underdeveloped or third world countries. The reason is simple to find out. In these countries national leadership is both insincere and corrupt. These leaders make tall claims for public consumption during election campaigns but, when back into power, do not translate their rhetoric and tall claims into practical actions to the detriment of the nation and country. Hence, we can easily probe into the intentions and thinking of others by applying this age-old saying that actions speak louder than words.