Reading Comprehension 2017

  1. Ignorance of art of the part of man and his failure to utilize the chance to be an artist or at least to recognize it are the things lamented in the text.
  2. An ordinary man fails to recognize art, takes beauty as an ornament and rarely values the work of an artist. Contrarily, an artist understands the true meaning of art and knows the value of work of beauty.
  3. We can make our lives beautiful and charming by valuing art and introducing it in our lives along with trying to understand the meaning behind the beauty depicted in it.
  4. By saying ‘Beauty is not an Ornament of Life’ the writer means that people should be taking beauty as a part of their lives and not as an accessory which is used and discarded. Beauty should be a feeling rather than a thing.
  5. Yes, I agree that art and beauty affect our practical life and moral by changing our perceptions about the art and beauty.