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Goodbye Mr. Chips by James Hilton

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(i) Write a note on Mr.Chips’ humour.
(ii) Write a note on Mr.Chips as a great jester.

Mr.Chips had the God-gifted quality of wit & humour. He always looked at the funny side of things. This quality was his source of strength & an important cause of his popularity. His humour was sudden, effortless & harmless. Wherever he went, people expected something funny from him. He liked to laugh with the people instead of laughing at them. While scolding the son of Colley, the first boy punished by him, he said, “Your father deserved the punishment then & you deserve t now”. Mr.Chips had reached an age where he could take liberty with anybody. His sense of humour blossomed after his marriage with Katherine. He always looked for an opportunity to amuse his listeners. For example, when he was making his farewell speech, he said that it was an exaggeration when the school captain praised his services to the school. He told the audience that the captain belonged to an exaggerated family. He told them that he had given one mark to the father of the captain but he exaggerated it into seven. They all began to laugh. They cheered for him. Chips’ sense of humour could not be stopped even in the moments of danger. During World War, when enemy planes bombed the school building, he cut jokes and boosted the moral of his students.

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