Katherine’ Influence on Mr. Chips

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Goodbye Mr. Chips by James Hilton

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(i) Describe Katherine’influence on Mr.Chips & his work at Brookfield.
(ii) Give an account of Mr.Chips’ married life & the influence that Mrs.Chips had left on him.
(iii) Describe how the marriage of Mr.Chips influenced his life.
(iv) What influence did Katherine exercise on Mr.Chips?
(v) Point out the changes brought about by Katherine in the behaviour of Mr.Chips.
(vi) “Marriage of Mr.Chips & Katherine was a triumphant success.” Discuss.
(vii) “Marriage of Mr.Chips & Katherine was a marriage of old & new minds.” Discuss.

Mr.Chips was a conservative person. He got married with a modern girl. His wife was younger enough to look like his daughter. She was 25 years old. He himself was 48 years old. But despite this age difference, their marriage was a great success. In fact, it was a marriage of old & new minds. She was greatly popular among boys and schoolmasters. She did not feel shy of mixing with others. Before marriage, Mr.Chips was rather a dry & neutral sort of person. But Kathi completely changed him and made him a new man. He gained self-confidence. His mind became sharp & clever. His eyes gained sparkle. His dress & manners also improved. His sense of humour & discipline also improved. In fact, Kathi proved an ideal wife. She was a blessing and a gift of God to him. She had modern views & ideas. She liked modern writers like GB Shaw, Ibsen & William Morris. She was a great supporter of the freedom of women. She liked them to get higher education and have right to vote. She poured all her ideas into Mr.Chips.

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