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Goodbye Mr. Chips by James Hilton

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(i) Write a note on Brookfield public school.
(ii) What do you learn about Brookfield public school from your study of the novel?
(iii) Give your impressions of Brookfield public school as an educational institution.
(iv) What contributions did Brookfield make to England?

Brookfield was an old foundation. It was set up in the reign of queen Elizabeth in the 16th century. It was situated in a beautiful area surrounded by elm trees. Its main building was rebuilt & enlarged during the reign of King George 1. It was a grammar school of second rank. Its reputation saw many ups & downs. It was not so famous as Harrow & Eton schools. Mr. Weatherby restored its reputation somewhat. Mr. Ralston raised its status so high that for the first time in its history, there was a long waiting list of students who wanted to get admission in this school. Mr.Chips spent his whole life at this school and became a symbol of its past and traditions. He had gained great popularity in the school. It was a residential school. It imparted education in languages & social sciences. It produced history-making personalities like members of parliament, colonial administrators & bishops. But, mostly, it produced merchants, manufacturers, professional men, army officers & parsons. This school aimed at overall training of the students. The students were required to stay at the hostel where their interests & activities were watched & guided strictly. In short, Brookfield contributed a lot to the progress and development of England.

Mr. Chips
Mr. Weatherby
Mr. Chatteris
Mrs. Wickett
Dr. Merival