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Goodbye Mr. Chips by James Hilton

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(i) How did Mr.Chips retire in 1913? Reproduce his speech at the farewell function.
(ii) Write a note on farewell speech of Mr.Chips at Brookfield particularly referring to jokes in it.

Mr.Chips was a school teacher at Brookfield public school. He spent his whole life at this school and became a symbol of its past and traditions. He had gained great popularity in the school. It was in the winter of 1913 that Mr.Chips fell ill. He could not attend school. He had grown to be 65 years old. He himself felt that he was now very weak and aged. Therefore, he decided to retire. It was in July, 1913 that a grand farewell feast was held in his honour. All the students as well as teachers participated. He was heavily garlanded. He was given presents as token of love & friendship. They made speeches to pay tribute to his nobility of nature and his sense of duty. At last, Mr.Chips rose to deliver his speech. It was not a very long speech. But it was full of jokes & Latin quotations. Mr.Chips referred to the speech of the school captain who had highly praised the services of Mr.Chips to Brookfield school. Mr.Chips said that it was exaggeration. He told the audience that the captain belonged to an exaggerated family. He told them that he had given one mark to the father of the captain but he exaggerated it into seven. They all began to laugh. They cheered for him. Then Mr.Chips became serious. He told them that he had spent 42 years in this school. He had seen many ups & downs in this school. He requested his dear students not to forget him in future. After that he left the school with a heavy heart and began to live in the house of Mrs. Wickett as a paying guest.

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