Mr. Chips and Katherine

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Goodbye Mr. Chips by James Hilton

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(i) Describe the first encounter between Mr.Chips & Katherine.
(ii) What according to you is the most important incident in the life of Mr.Chips?
(iii) Describe the most interesting incident or scene in the novel.
(iv) How did Katherine & Mr.Chips meet each other?
(v) Give a brief account of the incident which resulted in the marriage of Mr.Chips & Katherine.
(vi) Narrate the circumstances which led to Mr.Chips’ marriage with Katherine.
(vii) Give a brief account of the marriage of Mr. Chips.
(viii) Describe the first meeting of Mr.Chips & Katherine. What was its impact on their future life?

Mr.Chips was a school teacher. He was now 48 years old. He was still a bachelor. In fact, he had not thought of marriage. He did not like the fashionable women of his age. He called them monstrous creatures. But, in 1896, a remarkable change took place in his life. During the summer vacation, he went to the Lake District to spend summer vacation there. One day he was standing at the foot of a hill called Great Gable. He noticed a girl. She was standing on a dangerous rock. She was waving her hand. Mr.Chips thought that she was in danger. He quickly ran to help her. But, unfortunately, he slipped and fell down. He sprained his ankle. The girl saw this and she considered herself responsible for the injury of Mr.Chips. She came down and took him to his resting place. Later on, it came out that she was not in trouble. In fact, she was calling her friend who was standing on the other side of the hill. Her name was Katherine. She was an extremely beautiful girl. She had freckled cheeks. She had blue and shining eyes. She had grey hair. She was 25 years old. She was highly educated. She was a governess out of job. She had modern views. Mr.Chips was much impressed with her. He liked her very much. His opinion about women completely changed. They fell in love and got married.

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