Goodbye Mr. Chips

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Goodbye Mr. Chips by James Hilton

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(i) Describe briefly the circumstances in which Mr.Chips came to join Brookfield public school.
(ii) Give a brief account of Mr.Chips’ interview with Mr.Weatherby and the first class taken by him at Brookfield.
(iii) What was the advice given to Mr.Chips by Mr.Weatherby? How did he act upon it?
(iv) Describe briefly how Colley prove to be the first boy punished by Mr.Chips at Brookfield.

Goodbye Mr.Chips is a biographical novel. Its story is based on the life history of an English school teacher. His real name was Mr.Chipping. But his friends & students called him Mr.Chips out of love & frankness. He was an average sort of person. He was simple, honest & polite person. He spent a year at Mulberry school. He had to leave it because he was teased by the students there. He could not maintain good discipline there. He came to Brookfield public school. Mr.Weatherby was its headmaster. He took interview of Mr.Chips. He advised him to become strict from the start. He also advised him to give his enthusiasm to Brookfield & Brookfield would give him something in return. Mr.Chips acted on his advice all his life. He took his first class in a big hall of Brookfield school. He was quite nervous. He wore anger to hide his nervousness. When he entered the class, suddenly silence fell. He reached his dice. A boy dropped his desk lid to confuse Mr.Chips. He thought that he must act strictly. Fortunately, he caught sight of the boy. His name was Colley. Mr.Chips punished him with hundred lines. Afterwards, nobody tried to tease him. He had won his first round.

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