Mr. Chips’ Death

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Goodbye Mr. Chips by James Hilton

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(i) Describe Mr.Chips’ life after retirement from teaching.
(ii) Give a brief account of the last days of Mr.Chips’ life.
(iii) Describe in your own words the event of Mr.Chips’ death.
(iv) Describe one of the sad scenes of the novel.
(v) “After spending a long & quiet life, Mr.Chips peacefully passed away”. Explain.
(vi) “A decent career decently ended”. Does it sum up the life of Mr.Chips?
(vii) Who was the last person to say goodbye to Mr.Chips that led to his death?
(viii) Describe the meeting between Mr.Chips & Linford.

This novel is a story of a dedicated & devoted school teacher named Mr.Chipping. He had no other interest & ambition in life than teaching. After retirement Mr.Chips lived for another 15 years. He had rented a room in the house of Mrs.Wickett. He was still healthy & fit. But sometimes he caught cold. Therefore, he remained indoor in winter season. His days & nghts were full of dreaming. He often remembered his beloved wife who was long dead. He cherished her memories. He remembered his old days when he was at Brookfield school. He used to invite new teachers & students to tea. He served them cakes. At night, he used to carry a detective novel to bed. But, before reading a half page, he was soon asleep. He was invited to the functions & dinners of Brookfield school as a guest of honour. He wanted to write a book named “Memories of rod & lines”. But writing made him tired. He could not complete it. One day a small student came to meet him. His name was Linford. His friends actually played a trick on him by saying that Mr.Chips wanted to meet him. Mr.Chips served him with tea and cakes. He chatted with the young student. When Linford left his house, he said goodbye to Mr.Chips. His words cast a spell on Chips. He remembered that Kathi had used these words before the night of marriage. He remembered his dear & sweet wife. The words were same. But time was not same. There was nobody to say him goodbye. Soon, he fell unconscious & died remembering his old students.

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