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Goodbye Mr. Chips by James Hilton

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(i) Why had Mr.Chips to be reappointed at Brookfield? Write a note on his second term.
(ii) Write a note on Mr.Chips as Headmaster.
(iii) Describe briefly the circumstances in which Mr.Chips was requested to join Brookfield again.
(iv) How did Mr.Chips perform his duties as Headmaster?

Mr.Chips retired from Brookfield school in 1913 at the age of 65. In 1914, the First World War started. Most of the young teachers at Brookfield were sent to the battlefield. Mr.Chatteris was the headmaster of Brookfield at that time. He was not satisfied with the work of the new teachers who were inexperienced. There was serious problem of discipline. The students were becoming very naughty & disobedient. One evening Mr.Chatteris came to meet Mr.Chips. He requested Mr.Chips to rejoin Brookfield school to maintain discipline & order there. In fact, Mr.Chatteris was very ill. He could not manage the affairs of Brookfield school all alone. Therefore, he asked Mr.Chips to rejoin Brookfield and help him run the school well. Mr.Chips was much delighted and accepted the offer. So in 1916, Mr.Chips restarted teaching at Brookfield. He felt pleasure in repeating the same old lessons and jokes to the new generation. During the winter of 1917, Mr.Chatteris fell seriously ill and died. Mr.Chips was made acting headmaster of Brookfield school. He worked well. Even when German warplanes dropped bombs in and around the school, he took classes. He encouraged his young students with his jokes. At last, in 1918 the World War came to an end. He sent his resignation to the board of governors & retired for good.

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