Mr. Chips and Ralston

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Goodbye Mr. Chips by James Hilton

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(i) Describe the quarrel between Mr.Chips & Ralston.
(ii) What do you know about the row between Mr.Chips & his new headmaster? What was its result?
(iii) Why did Ralston ask Mr.Chips to retire from service? What reply did Chips give to the headmaster?
(iv) How did Chips defend himself in his quarrel with Ralston?
(v) Describe the incident which reveals the popularity of Mr.Chips.

Mr.Ralston was a new headmaster of Brookfield public school. He was highly educated. He was an energetic & ambitious person. He was a strict fellow. All the teachers and students were afraid of him. He wanted to raise the status of Brookfield. He introduced many reforms in the method of teaching. He did not like Mr.Chips. He wanted to get rid of him. He thought that an old person like Chips was useless for modern times. He thought that Greek & Latin were dead languages. He believed that English students should be educated in science & technology. He often pressurized Mr.Chips to get retirement from school. He considered Mr.Chips a burden on school. He often criticized his way of teaching & pronunciation. One day he called Mr.Chips to his office. He criticized him for his poor result. He asked him to retire. Mr.Chips refused to retire and asked Mr.Ralston to do what he pleased. By chance, a student overheard their quarrel. He told other students. Soon the news spread like wild fire that Mr.Ralston had insulted Chips. All the teachers, students & their parents supported Chips. Mr.Ralston was left alone. The governor of the school visited Brookfield. He had been a student of Mr.Chips. He assured Mr.Chips that nobody could sack him. Mr.Ralston was greatly disappointed and left the school.

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