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Long textual questions and answers.

1. Write a note on Maulvi Abul’s life before and after marriage.
Maulvi Abul lived in great comfort before marriage. He had no financial worries. God Almighty had blessed him with health and wealth. He had no tension and worries. He enjoyed his life. But, after marriage, his life changed for the worse. Time was not kind to him. He was stuck in financial worries. His source of income was not enough for his family needs. He remained upset and tense about the marriage of his elder daughter. He began to grow old fast. But, he had strong faith in Allah. Chaudhry Fateh Dad greatly helped him and managed to marry off his daughter.

2. How did Shamim Ahmad celebrate his marriage?
Shamim Ahmad celebrated his marriage in great pomp and show. He came to marry Mehrun amidst fireworks with musicians playing gay tunes. It was a scene of great splendour. He managed to make his wedding ceremony colourful and charming. His wedding procession was a real feast for the eyes.

3. How did Maulvi Abul inaugurate the shop of Shamim Ahmad?
Shamim Ahmad invited Maulvi Abul to inaugurate his shop and bless him by becoming his first customer. Maulvi Abul took his life’s savings of 43 rupees and went to inugurate his shop. After inaugurating his shop, he selected a piece of pink cloth. Shamim Ahmad charged 42 rupees for this dress. The price was very high for Maulvi Abul. But, he purchased the suit and went home with a heavy heart.

4. Write a note on the pre-marriage celebrations in the house of Mehrunnisa.
When the marriage date of Mehrunnisa was fixed, the pre-marriage celebrations started in her house. She was put in seclusion in a separate room till the auspicious day. Her hands and feet were covered with henna. However, music of any kind was not allowed in Maulvi Abul’s house. So the village girls simply sat in a circle round the shy bride, and for several nights sang songs of love and friendship, flowers and their fragrance. They also sang sweet songs of the excitement of union and the pangs of separation.

5. Why did Maulvi Abul look sad and pale at the end of the marriage of his daughter?
Maulvi Abul looked sad and pale at the end of the marriage of his daughter. She was brought up by him as a child. Now, she was going to leave him. Naturally, he felt sad and sorrowful. It is said that on the occasion of daughter’s marriage, the most sorrowful person is father.

God be Praised Questions and Answers
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