The Gulistan of Sa’di Questions

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Long textual questions and answers.

1. Write a note on the character of Nushirvan.
He was famous for his justice. He was very kind and sympathetic to his subjects. He treated them with equality and justice. His people liked and obeyed him. He advised his people to pay for everything and not to take anything free of cost.

2. What should be the role of a king?
The role of a king is very important. He should treat everybody equally and justly. He should be kind and sympathetic to his people. He should not be cruel and harsh towards them. He should ensure their safety and protection. He should also take care of their needs.

3. Can an unjust king flourish?
An unjust king cannot flourish. He cannot rule over them for a long time. Sooner or later, the people will stand against him. They will challenge his authority. There will be bloodshed and disorder. At last, the people will bring a revolution and end his cruel rule. That is why a king should be just and honest.

4. What moral lesson do you get from the second tale?
The moral lesson of the second tale is that a tyrant does not remain in the world, but the curse on him abides for ever. Nobody likes a cruel person. He is hated and cursed by all. Even after his death, the people speak ill of him.

5. Compare and contrast the three tales.
The three tales describe very interesting incidents with very valuable moral lessons. The first tale gives the moral lesson that a man does not realize the worth of safety from the misfortune until he has tasted it. The second tale gives the moral lesson that a tyrant does not remain in the world, but the curse on him abides for ever. The third tale gives the moral lesson that a person who takes mercy on others is blessed by God.

6. Describe an event in which the trouble of one person affects the others.
Once a king and his slave were sailing in the same boat. The slave had the first experience of the sea. He began to cry for fear of being drowned. He created trouble and discomfort for the king and others. He was thrown into the sea and then taken out. He then became silent and peaceful. He realized the worth of safety in the boat.

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