A Mild Attack of Locusts Questions Answers

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Long textual questions and answers.

1. How did the farmers try to prevent the main swarm of locusts from landing on their farms?
The farmers tried very hard to prevent the main swarm of locusts from landing on their farms. They burnt huge fires and tried to make enough smoke to scare away the locusts. They also tried to produce enough noise through metal and tin pieces to prevent the locusts from attacking their fields.

2. Why, even after all the crops were destroyed, did the men continue to fight the swarm?
The men continued to fight the swarm even after all the crops were destroyed because they did not lose heart. They were very optimistic. They had strong faith in God. They were full of courage and confidence. They did not take the loss of crops to their hearts.

3. What was the condition of the land when the locusts had moved to the south?
The condition of the land was very bad. It looked quite devastated and mangled. There was not even a single blade of grass left there. The locusts had eaten up everything. It was a scene of total destruction.

4. What are the measures the farmers should have taken to save their crops? Give five suggestions.
The farmers should have taken the following measures to save their crops:

  1. They should have sprayed pesticides on the crops to kill the locusts.
  2. They should have burnt huge fires before the attack of the locusts.
  3. They should have covered their crops properly.
  4. They should have consulted government agriculture department beforehand.
  5. They should have used modern machinery to scare away locusts.

5. Write a note on the character of Margaret.
She was a brave and courageous lady. She tried her best to help the farmers in saving their crops. But the attack of the locusts was so devastating that she found herself quite helpless. She was feeling fearful at the loss of crops. She could not bear the sight of devastated fields and preferred not to think about them.

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