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1. How did the camel-men cure their camel?
The camel-man applied a practical method to cure his camel. He tied a blanket round its throat, and then struck the place with all his might. Instantly the melon broke in the throat of the camel, and it was then easily swallowed.

2. How did the quack try to cure the old woman?
The quack applied very cruel treatment to the old woman. He tied a blanket round her neck. Then, he struck her swollen part so forcefully that the poor creature instantly died. In fact, he was an imposter.

3. How did the quack come to realize his error?
The quack claimed to cure goiter after seeing the treatment of the camel by the camel-man. He reached a village and applied the same treatment to an old woman. She could not bear it and died instantly. Then, he tried to treat an old man with the same method but the villagers rejected his treatment. He came to realize that his method of treatment was not correct.

4. How did the camel-man prove the stupidity of the quack?
The camel-man proved the stupidity of the quack in an effective manner. He lifted a heavy stick and struck the camel with it. The strong creature hardly felt the blow. Then, he hit the quack with the same stick. The quack could not bear the blow and fell down. When he came to his senses, he asked about this cruel treatment. The camel-man explained to him that what is good for animals is not good for human beings.

5. What lesson does the story teach?
The story teaches the moral lesson that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and what is good for animals is not good for human beings. We should not apply the same treatment to animals and human beings. The animals have greater and stronger stamina and size than human beings who are weak and feeble. Also one should have proper qualification to start a trade or profession.

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