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6. How did Chaudhry Fateh Dad manage to find a suitable match for Mehrunnisa?
Chaudhry Fateh Dad tried hard to find a suitable match for Mehrunnisa. Maulvi Abul was a poor man. Nobody liked to take his daughter’s hand in marriage. Chaudhry Fateh Dad ultimately found a match for her through his sincere efforts. He also gifted some jewelry and money for her dowry.

7. How did Shamim Ahmad manage to bring marriage proposal to Maulvi Abul?
The mother of Shamim Ahmad was ill. She could not go to Maulvi Abul’s house with the marriage proposal. Ultimately, Shamim Ahmad had to do it by himself. He went to Maulvi Abul’s house and hesitated a lot to describe the purpose of his visit. He looked confused. He was encouraged by Maulvi Abul to open his heart to him. Finally, he took courage and requested Maulvi Abul to accept him as his slave.

8. Write a note on the character of Chaudhry Fateh Dad.
He was a very pious fellow. He was kind and sympathetic. He supported Maulvi Abul in every difficulty. His sincere efforts bore fruit and a suitable match for the elder daughter of Maulvi Abul was found. He used to send evening meal to Maulvi Abul daily. He also gave them clothes after every harvest. He was a great source of consolation for Maulvi Abul. He knew the worries of Maulvi Abul and tried his best to lessen them.

9. What is the theme of the story?
In this story, the writer has highlighted the ups and downs of a Maulvi’s life. He was a poor fellow. His income was not enough for his family needs. He was worried about the marriage of his daughters. Nobody was willing to accept his daughters in marriage due to his poverty in the village. The curse of dowry was another problem for him. We need to finish this curse from our society because of which the daughters of the poor people remain unmarried.

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