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List of Tests by FPSC
List of tests by federal public service commission (FPSC) including FPSC past papers. Syllabus, test pattern, sample paper, practice questions, past papers MCQs questions, and other preparation material. NOTE: FPSC 2023 tests are commencing from 18 August 2023.

FPSC Past Papers

FPSC Inspector (Investigation) Test
FPSC Assistant Director (Investigation) Test
FPSC Lecturer Test
FPSC Subject Specialist Test
Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT) Test
Inspector ASF
Assistant Director (ASF)
Inspector Customs/ Intelligence Officer
Appraising/Valuation Officer
FPSC Assistant Test (BS-16)
FPSC Lecturer Test
FPSC Assistant Director Test
FPSC Assistant Director (Legal) Test
Inspector Inland Revenue
Research Officer/ Planning Officer/ Survey Officer
Assistant Information Officer Test
Statistical Officer NEW
Nurse Test NEW
FBR Test Preparation
FIA Test Preparation
Inspector (Legal) BS–16
Meteorologist (BS-17) New Preparation Material
Assistant Meteorologist (BS-16) New Preparation Material
Civilian Labour Officer (BS-16)
Patrol Officer
Preventive Officer
Computer Operator
Computer Instructor
Secondary School Teacher (SST)
Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT)
Computer Operator/ Network Administrator
Accountant (NAB)
Assistant Director (NAB)
Statistical Officer/ Research Officer
Assistant Executive Engineer (Civil)
Assistant Director (Networking)
Accountant (NHA)
Assistant Director (NHA)
Physical Training Instructor
MIS Officer
Assistant Director (FPSC)
Communication Security Officer
Assistant Communication Security Officer
National Savings Officer (BS–17)
Senior Auditor (BS–16)

Medical Officer Test
Assistant Executive Engineer
Assistant Mechanical Engineer
Assistant Executive Engineer (E & M)
Labour Welfare and Safety Officer
Junior Civilian Security Officer
Protocol Officer
Assistant Director (Reviewers)
Assistant Director (Enforcement)
Assistant Electrical Engineer
Computer Operator
Junior Executive/ Proof Reader
Inspector Enforcement
Inspector (Investigation)-FIA
Assistant Chief Administrative Officer
Admin Officer
Senior Auditor
Experimental Officer
Assistant Deputy District Prosecutor
Foreman of Inspection (Mechanical)

Montessori Teacher NEW
— Secondary School Teacher (SST)
— Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT)
— FPSC Lecturer Test

  1. English Section
  2. Subject Section
  3. Education Section

FPSC Assistant Professor Test
Principal/Headmaster Test
Assistant/Deputy Headmaster Test
Senior Auditor Test
Inspector Inland Revenue