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FPSC Botany Lecturer Test Sample questions Page-1. Following are the sample questions for Botany Lecturer Test Papers. View answers to the questions at the bottom of the page.

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1. Algae have cell wall made up of
(A) pectins, cellulose and proteins
(B) cellulose, hemicellulose and pectins
(C) chitin
(D) cellulose, galactans and mannans

2. Which spore is on a club and results from the fusion of two nuclei from different strains of the same fungi?
(A) blastospore
(B) ascospore
(C) basidiospore
(D) conidiospore

3. Which algal division is divided up into three main groups consisting of the golden-brown algae, the yellow-green algae and the diatoms?
(A) chlorophyta
(B) chrysophyta
(C) phaeophyta
(D) pyyrophyta

4. In Funaria stomata are found on
(A) theca
(B) leaf
(C) apophysis
(D) stem

5. After forest fire which plants are the first to appear
(A) ferns
(B) bryophytes
(C) grass
(D) all of these

6. All of the following cellular structures are functionally important in cells of the gametophytes of both angiosperms and gymnosperms, except
(A) haploid nuclei
(B) mitochondria
(C) cell wall
(D) chloroplast

7. Cell elongation in the internodal region of green plants takes place due to
(A) ethylene
(B) cytokinins
(C) gibberellins
(D) indole acetic acid

8. Synecology deals with
(A) ecology of many species
(B) ecology of many populations
(C) ecology of community
(D) none of the above

9. Semiautonomous organelle in the cell is
(A) chloroplast
(B) vacuole
(C) peroxisomes
(D) endoplasmic reticulum

10. Which of the following statements are true regarding ‘law of segregation’
(A) alleles separate with each other during gametogenesis
(B) the segregation of factors is due to the segregation of chromosomes during meiosis
(C) law of segregation is called as law of purity of gametes
(D) all of the above

1(D) 2(C) 3(B) 4(C) 5(A)
6(D) 7(C) 8(C) 9(A) 10(D)

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