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MCQ means Multiple Choice Question
MCQs means Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Test Preparation. Online MCQ Quiz Test with Answers. Here each question has four options and one correct answer. Find link to MCQs PDF files at the end of this page. These are online test questions and answers in multiple choice question format.

1. By volume of water, the world’s largest freshwater lake is
(A) Caspian Sea
(B) Lake Superior
(C) Lake Baikal
(D) Lake Lucerne

2. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) was founded by
(A) Demetrios Vikelas
(B) Pierre de Coubertin
(C) Thomas Bach
(D) Juan Antonio Samaranch

3.The world’s largest lake is the
(A) Caspian Sea
(B) Lake Superior
(C) Lake Baikal
(D) Lake Lucerne

1. (C) Lake Baikal
2. (B) Pierre de Coubertin
3. (A) Caspian Sea. View more multiple choice questions:
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MCQs Test Preparation Material. Online Quiz Tests (Questions and Answers).

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