NTS Online Test Preparation Material, NTS Test Date 2021

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NTS is an autonomous test taking organization in Pakistan. NTS conducts tests and assessments for admissions, scholarships and jobs in various colleges, universities and departments.

NTS Online Test Preparation Material

The NTS test is basically consist of: (1) Verbal (English) section, (2) Quantitative (Math), and (3) Analytical Reasoning section.

NTS Test Date 2021

The following NTS tests on 31 October 2021.

  • Medical Teaching Institution Ayub Teaching Hospital Abbottabad (Career Opportunities)
  • Lasbala University of Agriculture Water & Marine Sciences Uthal(LUAWMS) MS & PhD Admissions
  • University of Balochistan (Admission Test for PHARM-D & DPT)
  • Full List

Besides, NTS Tests also contain Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) from General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Everyday Science, Computer Science, Physics and others subjects (depending on the job nature). You can check syllabus for you test on the NTS website.

About NTS
Many government and private sector colleges and universities have made National Testing Services (NTS) test a prerequisite for admissions and scholarships. And, many government and private sector departments have also made NTS test a prerequisite for jobs in various departments.