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11. The mammalian skull may be characterized as
(A) anapsid
(B) diapsid
(C) biaspid
(D) synapsid

12. The first terrestrial tetrapods were probably the
(A) rhipidistians
(B) amniotes
(C) coelacanths
(D) leptocephalans

13. Which of the following phyla of animals is exclusively marine
(A) protozoa
(B) porifera
(C) echinodermata
(D) mollusca

14. A normal green male Maize is crossed with albino female. The progeny is albino because
(A) trait for a albinism is dominant
(B) the albinos have biochemical to destroy plastids derived from green male
(C) plastids are inherited from female parent
(D) green plastids of male must have mutated

15. Sertoli cells are found in
(A) liver
(B) seminiferous tubules
(C) pancreas
(D) gut

16. The sum total of the populations of the same kind of organisms constitute
(A) colony
(B) genus
(C) species
(D) community

17. A molluscan shell is made of three layers arranged from the outside to the inside
(A) periostracum, prismatic layer, nacreous layer
(B) mantle layer, prismatic layer, periostracum
(C) nacreous layer, periostracum, mantle layer
(D) none of these

18. Which one of the following can achieve protection and conservation of biodiversity
(A) eco-development
(B) biosphere reserve
(C) national park
(D) game sanctuary

19. Lamarck’s “Theory of Organic Evolution” is based upon
(A) effect of environment
(B) use and disuse of body parts
(C) inheritance of acquired characters
(D) all of these

20. Myxoedema in adults is caused due to
(A) hyperthyrodism
(B) deficiency of thyroid hormone
(C) overproduction of PTH
(D) deficiency of PTH

11(D) 12(A) 13(C) 14(C) 15(B)
16(C) 17(A) 18(A) 19(D) 20(B)