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21. “The animals of colder countries have small ears, short tail and limbs to avoid more loss of heat” is the theme of
(A) Allen’s law
(B) Dollo’s law
(C) Gause’s law
(D) Cope’s Law

22. Testosterone is secreted by
(A) sertoli cells
(B) leydig cells
(C) spermatocyte
(D) histiocyte

23. Changing from a bilaterally symmetrical larval form to a radially symmetrical adult involves relocation of various parts. In this process, the left side becomes the ___________________ and the right side becomes the _____________________.
(A) aboral surface, oral surface
(B) anterior surface, posterior surface
(C) dorsal surface, ventral surface
(D) oral surface, aboral surface

24. The class name Myxini, or the hagfishes, refers to their
(A) lack of eyes
(B) unique circulatory system
(C) production of slime
(D) parasitic lifestyle

25. The earliest therians (mammals) evolved in the
(A) Permian
(B) Triassic
(C) Cretaceous
(D) Cenozoic

26. The development of limbs probably aided the first amphibians in
(A) finding mates
(B) swimming
(C) moving between bodies of water
(D) none of these

27. Which of the following is odd one
(A) cockroach, spider, silver-fish
(B) whale, bat, lizard
(C) star-fish, sea-cucumber, sea-urchin
(D) cray-fish, cuttle-fish hag-fish

28. ABO blood group system is due to
(A) multifactor inheritance
(B) incomplete dominance
(C) multiple allelism
(D) epistasis

29. In human beings, the eggs are
(A) microlecithal
(B) macrolecithal
(C) mesolecithal
(D) alecithal

30. Pyramid of numbers deal with number of
(A) species in area
(B) sub-species in a community
(C) individuals in a community
(D) individuals in a trophic level

21(A) 22(B) 23(D) 24(C) 25(B)
26(C) 27(D) 28(C) 29(D) 30(D)