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41. The hearts of amphibians have
(A) one atria and one ventricle
(B) two atria and one ventricle
(C) one atria and two ventricles
(D) two atria and two ventricles

42. Blue eye colour is recessive to brown eye colour. A brown eyed man whose mother was blue eyed marries a blue-eyed woman. The children will be
(A) both blue eyed and brown eyed 1 : 1
(B) all brown eyed
(C) all blue eyed
(D) none of these

43. Implantation of blastocyst occurs
(A) 4th day
(B) 5th day
(C) 6th day
(D) 7th day

44. Which of the following structures do bivalves use in the process of digestion
(A) byssal threads
(B) peristaltic muscles
(C) a crystalline style
(D) a jaw

45. Ratios between energy flow at different points along the food chains when expressed as percentages, are called
(A) energy flow efficiencies
(B) ecological efficiencies
(C) relative ratio of energy flow
(D) ecological gradients

46. Productivity is the amount of organic matter produced
(A) per day
(B) per unit area per unit time
(C) during photo-period of the day
(D) per unit area in twelve hours of photo period

47. Which of the following facts definitely casts doubt on Lamarckian theory
(A) snakes lost their limbs due to burrowing mode of life
(B) neck and fore limbs of African giraffe use for generations
(C) vestigial organs were functional ones but now undergone degeneration due to loss of their function
(D) blacksmith’s son does not have powerful arm muscles as his father

48. Oxytocin stimulates the contraction of
(A) ovary
(B) lung
(C) uterus
(D) heart

49. Aristotle’s lantern is a complex set of ________ used in the process of
(A) ossicles and muscles, chewing
(B) tentacles and cilia, reproduction
(C) glands and muscles, digestion
(D) neurons and ocelli, visual sensation

50. The structure in the intestine of chondrostean fish and some primitive osteichthyean fish that increases the surface area is the
(A) duodenum
(B) jejunum
(C) caecum
(D) spiral valve

41(B) 42(A) 43(D) 44(C) 45(B)
46(B) 47(D) 48(C) 49(A) 50(D)