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31. The morphogenetic movement change the hollow spherical blastula into a/an
(A) embryonic disc
(B) gastrula
(C) morula
(D) neurula

32. The dominant second trophic level, in a lake ecosystem, is
(A) benthos
(B) plankton
(C) zooplankton
(D) phytoplankton

33. Which of the following classes of molluscs is thought to be the most primitive or closest to the ancestral form
(A) caudofoveata
(B) solenogastres
(C) monoplacophora
(D) polyplacophora

34. Similar niches different communalities or in different regions are commonly occupied by species possessing similar habits, adaptations and adjustments, Such species are called
(A) ecological equivalents
(B) ecotypes
(C) ecological dominants
(D) diverse species

35. Best suited examples given in favour of Lamarckian Theory are
(A) elongation of neck and fore limbs of African giraffe
(B) loss of limbs in snakes
(C) both (a) and (b)
(D) none of these

36. Diabetes mellitus is due to deficiency of
(A) LH
(C) glucagon
(D) insulin

37. Which of these classes is characterized by no anus, no suckers, articulated ossicles, and a madreporite on the oral surface
(A) crinoidea
(B) ophiuroidea
(C) asteroidea
(D) echinoidea

38. The derivation of the genus name assigned to the invasive marine lampreys found in the Great Lakes refers to their
(A) ability to be parthenogenetic
(B) rasping mouthparts
(C) holding on to rocks in a stream
(D) parasitic nature

39. Unlike reptiles, the first mammals were characterized by
(A) continuously replaced teeth
(B) only one set of teeth during the lifetime
(C) continuously growing teeth
(D) two sets of teeth during the lifetime

40. Some amphibians have _________, which are pigmented cells in the skin
(A) chromatophores
(B) osteoblasts
(C) miracidia
(D) none of these

31(B) 32(C) 33(A) 34(B) 35(C)
36(D) 37(B) 38(C) 39(D) 40(A)