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26. Corporations can return cash to their shareholders by
(A) paying cash dividends
(B) stock repurchase
(C) both A and B
(D) none of these

27. Which from the following is true about stock repurchases?
(A) Repurchases are more flexible
(B) Repurchases are tax-advantaged
(C) both A and B
(D) none of these

28. What should be the goal of a corporation?
(A) to maximize the profit of the shareholders
(B) to maximize the value of the corporation
(C) both A and B
(D) to take care of the interests of the management

29. The money a investor receive for taking on a risk is called
(A) risk premium
(B) risk free rate
(C) option value
(D) arbitrage

30. An asset that pays a fixed amount of cash each year for a specified number of years is called
(A) perpetuity
(B) dividend
(C) liquidity
(D) annuity

26. (C) both A and B
27. (C) both A and B
28. (C) both A and B
29. (A) risk premium
30. (D) annuity