Computer Science MCQs FPSC NTS PPSC Past Papers Test Questions

Computer Science MCQs Questions with Answers for FPSC NTS PPSC SPSC KPPSC Test Preparation. Computer Science past papers solved MCQ. Basic computer, IT, internet multiple choice questions quiz. Basic knowledge about computer in question and answer format.

Computer Science MCQs

Q. In computer networks and communication, the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model is basically a
(A) conceptual model
(B) physical model
(C) storage capacity
(D) anti-virus program

The answer is: (A) conceptual model ☑

Q. In the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, the communications between systems are split into
(A) three layers
(B) five layers
(C) seven layers
(D) nine layers

The answer is: (C) seven layers ☑

Q. A CPU has a few cores while a normal GPU contains how many cores?
(A) dozens
(B) hundreds
(C) millions
(D) billions

The answer is: (B) hundreds ☑

Q. The basic components of a machine language program is
(A) Statements
(B) Directives
(C) Injunctions
(D) Instructions

The answer is: (D) Instructions ☑

Q. In which switching techniques there is no resource allocation for a packet?
(A) Circuit switching
(B) Datagram switching
(C) Frame switching
(D) None of these

The answer is: (B) Datagram switching ☑

Q. Which number system is used by computer machines?
(A) digital
(B) decimal
(C) analogue
(D) binary

The answer is: (D) binary ☑

Q. The main function of a web server is to store and process
(A) internet
(B) websites
(C) database
(D) programs

The answer is: (B) websites ☑

Q. A computer program that translates one statement of program instructions at a time into machine language is called
(B) Interpreter
(C) Compiler
(D) Simulator

The answer is: (B) Interpreter ☑

Q. NTFS stands for?
(A) New Trend File Saving
(B) Network File Saving
(C) New Technology File System
(D) None Of These

The answer is: (C) New Technology File System ☑

Q. Which variable type can have only two possible values?
(A) integer
(B) string
(C) double
(D) bool

The answer is: (D) bool ☑

Q. In computer science and information technology (IT), DNS is an abbreviation of
(A) Direct Name System
(B) Domain Name System
(C) Direct Name Software
(D) Domain Name Software

The answer is: (B) Domain Name System ☑

Q. In C++, the library function exit() causes an exit from the
(A) statement
(B) loop in which it occurs
(C) function in which it occurs
(D) program in which it occurs

The answer is: (D) program in which it occurs ☑

Computer Science MCQs
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