Computer Science MCQs Quiz Test Questions with Answers

Basic computer science multiple choice questions (MCQs) quiz with answers for computer, IT test preparation. Basic knowledge about computer in question and answer format. Link to computer science MCQs PDF is given below. Answers to these computer science questions are given after the 5th computer MCQ.

Computer Science MCQs

1. What component of a computer manages the data flow and interaction between the components of a computer processor?
(A) Accumulator
(B) Control unit
(C) Register
(D) Bus

2. The fundamental function of a web server is to store and process
(A) internet
(B) websites
(C) database
(D) programs

3. The programming technique where a function calls itself is known as
(A) inline function
(B) encapsulation
(C) recursion
(D) it is a bug

1. (B) Control unit
2. (B) websites
3. (C) recursion

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