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6. According to the Efficient Market Hypothesis, which from the following is NOT true?
(A) Analysis predicts price pattern
(B) No money machines
(C) No arbitrage opportunities
(D) Security prices reflect true underlying value of assets

7. According to the weak form of market efficiency __________ past information is included in the stock price.
(A) no
(B) all
(C) marginal
(D) only a few

8. We say about a particular investment that it is risky, because
(A) it is dangerous
(B) it has low returns
(C) its returns are uncertain
(D) its raw material is unavailable

9. In Finance, risk is calculated by calculating the
(A) mean
(B) variance
(C) standard deviation
(D) kurtosis

10. The sale of bonds by a country or a corporation is referred to as the
(A) Investment decision
(B) financing decision
(C) offering loan
(D) capital structure

6. (A) Analysis predicts price pattern
7. (B) all
8. (C) its returns are uncertain
9. (C) standard deviation
10. (B) financing decision