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General knowledge about Pakistan MCQs questions with answers for FPSC NTS PPSC SPSC KPPSC test preparation. Current Pakistan general knowledge MCQ quiz test including solved Pak GK MCQ from past papers.

Pakistan General Knowledge MCQs

Q. National Assembly is called the _______ house while the Senate is called the ________ house.
(A) lower, upper
(B) upper, lower
(C) junior, senior
(D) senior, junior

The answer is: (A) lower, upper ☑

Q. In January 2024, Pakistan has decided to gradually change the
(A) CNIC design
(B) passport design
(C) currency notes
(D) domicile criteria

The answer is: (C) currency notes ☑

Q. General Elections 2024 in Pakistan were held on
(A) 4 February 2024
(B) 8 February 2024
(C) 12 February 2024
(D) 16 February 2024

The answer is: (B) 8 February 2024 ☑

Q. In the General Elections 2024, Pakistan will elect the ________ prime minister of Pakistan.
(A) 20th
(B) 22nd
(C) 24th
(D) 26th

The answer is: (C) 24th ☑

Q. About how many candidates filed their nomination papers for the upcoming elections in February 2024?
(A) 8,000
(B) 18,000
(C) 28,000
(D) 38,000

The answer is: (C) 28,000 ☑

Q. As of  February 2024, Pakistan’s total liquid foreign exchange reserves are about
(A) $10 billion
(B) $13 billion
(C) $16 billion
(D) $19 billion

The answer is: (B) $13 billion ☑

Q. As of February 2024, the current policy rate by State Bank of Pakistan is
(A) 16%
(B) 18%
(C) 20%
(D) 22%
The answer is: (D) 22% ☑

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