Current Affairs MCQs Latest 2024 FPSC NTS PPSC Test Questions

Current affairs MCQs questions with answers. Latest 2024 FPSC NTS PPSC SPSC KPPSC test preparation material including questions from past papers. Important world current affairs MCQ quiz in multiple choice questions format. Latest issues and challenges at national and international level during the last 2 years.

Current Affairs MCQs

Q. Three US soldiers were killed on 29 January 2024 in a drone attack in
(A) Iraq
(B) Syria
(C) Yemen
(D) Jordan

The answer is: (D) Jordan ☑

Q. In January 2024, many countries suspended funding for the organization

The answer is: (C) UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) ☑

Q. On 18 January 2024, Pakistan launched airstrikes against terrorists hideouts in
(A) India
(B) Iran
(C) Yemen
(D) Afghanistan

The answer is: (B) Iran ☑

Q. In January 2024, which country conducted airstrikes against Iraq, Pakistan and Syria?
(A) India
(B) Iran
(C) Israel
(D) United States

The answer is: (B) Iran ☑

Q. World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2024 will be held on
(A) 15-19 January 2024
(B) 15-19 February 2024
(C) 15-19 March 2024
(D) 15-19 April 2024

The answer is: (A) 15-19 January 2024 ☑

Q. Nobel Peace Prize 2023 is awarded to human rights activist
(A) Ales Bialiatski
(B) Dmitry Muratov
(C) Maria Ressa
(D) Narges Mohammadi

The answer is: (D) Narges Mohammadi ☑

Q. United States Presidential Elections 2024 are scheduled to be held on
(A) 5 September 2024
(B) 5 October 2024
(C) 5 November 2024
(D) 5 December 2024

The answer is: (C) 5 November 2024 ☑

Current Affairs MCQs
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