Current Affairs MCQs Latest 2023 FPSC Test Questions


Current affairs MCQs questions with answers. Latest 2023 FPSC test preparation material including questions from FPSC past papers. Important world current affairs MCQ quiz in multiple choice questions format. Latest issues and challenges at national and international level during the last 2 years.

Current Affairs MCQs

Q. United Nations on 4 March 2023 reached an important agreement to
(A) limit greenhouse emissions
(B) use renewable energy
(C) protect international waters
(D) none of these

The answer is: (C) protect international waters ☑

Q. After 10 years of negotiations, countries on 4 March 2023 have reached an agreement on the
(A) Global Warming Treaty
(B) Border Resolution Treaty
(C) Asylum Grant Treaty
(D) High Seas Treaty

The answer is: (D) High Seas Treaty ☑

Q. The High Seas Treaty 2023 aims to place ________ of the seas into protected areas by 2030 to safeguard marine nature.
(A) 20%
(B) 30%
(C) 40%
(D) 50%

The answer is: (B) 30% ☑

Q. In October 2022, ruling party of which country rejected the independence of Taiwan in its constitution?
(A) China
(B) Japan
(C) Russia
(D) United States

The answer is: (A) China ☑

Q. The Sea of Azov is bounded by which of the following two countries?
(A) Ukraine and Russia
(B) Georgia and Russia
(C) Romania and Azerbaijan
(D) Canada and United States

The answer is: (A) Ukraine and Russia ☑

Q. Which of the following country is NOT a member of Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QSD or QUAD)?
(A) Australia
(B) India
(C) Japan
(D) United Kingdom

The answer is: (D) United Kingdom ☑
The four members of QUAD are: Australia, India, Japan, and the United States.

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