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Q. The major language of World Wide Web (WWW) is
(D) Java

The answer is: (A) HTML ☑

Q. Which computer language is used to design display of an HTML web page?
(B) Java

The answer is: (C) CSS ☑

Q. In a program where user inputs the roll number and the program displays the marks obtained, which of the following is suitable?
(A) for loop
(B) do-while loop
(C) if/ else statement
(D) switch statement

The answer is: (D) switch statement ☑

Q. In which loop, the loop body executes at least once?
(A) for loop
(B) while loop
(C) do-while loop
(D) none of these

The answer is: (C) do-while loop ☑

Q. In C++, a pointer is
(A) address of a variable
(B) variable for storing addresses
(C) data type of an address variable
(D) constant value

The answer is: (B) variable for storing addresses ☑

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