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Q. Algorithms that improve automatically through experience is known as
(A) computer program
(B) machine learning
(C) computer language
(D) artificial intelligence

The answer is: (B) machine learning ☑

Q. The basic medium of optical fiber is a fiber that is mostly made of
(A) glass
(B) wood
(C) copper
(D) lead

The answer is: (A) glass ☑

Q. Web pages are interlinked by using
(B) marquee
(C) hyperlinks
(D) slider

The answer is: (C) hyperlinks ☑

Q. Which operating system is used by most of the supercomputers in the world?
(A) Windows
(B) Linux
(C) Macintosh
(D) None of these

The answer is: (B) Linux ☑

Q. The “Macintosh” computers and laptops are manufactured by
(A) Apple
(B) Microsoft
(C) Samsung
(D) Lenovo

The answer is: (A) Apple ☑

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