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Q. IDE is an abbreviation of
(A) Integrated Dual Environment
(B) Inter Development Environment
(C) Integrated Development Environment
(D) Inter Dual Environment

The answer is: (C) Integrated Development Environment ☑

Q. C++ is an object oriented language, and C, BASIC, and Pascal are _____ languages.
(A) procedural
(B) scripting
(C) general purpose
(D) web based

The answer is: (A) procedural ☑

Q. Which number system is used by computers?
(A) digital
(B) decimal
(C) analogue
(D) binary

The answer is: (D) binary ☑

Q. A computer virus that replicates itself is called
(A) Bug
(B) Worm
(C) Bomb
(D) Hoax

The answer is: (B) Worm ☑

Q. The tool used to find a similar word in a document is called
(A) Finder
(B) Thesaurus
(C) Dictionary
(D) Find and Replace

The answer is: (B) Thesaurus ☑

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