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Q. Which register stores the result of ALU operations?
(A) Data Register
(B) Instruction Register
(C) Data Address Register
(D) Accumulator Register

The answer is: (D) Accumulator Register ☑

Q. A collection of rules for writing programs in a programming language is known as
(A) Syntax
(B) Program logic
(C) Program Standards
(D) None Of These

The answer is: (A) Syntax ☑

Q. Which one connects two similar network segments?
(A) Router
(B) Bridge
(C) Gateway
(D) Node

The answer is: (B) Bridge ☑

Q. Which of the following device uses the parallel transmission?
(A) Mouse
(B) Keyboard
(C) Printer
(D) Light Pen

The answer is: (C) Printer ☑

Q. What is a diagrammatic way of representing the relationship between the entities in a database?
(A) Flowchart
(D) Algorithm

The answer is: (B) ERD ☑

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