Computer Science Quizzes

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46. Which register stores the result of ALU operations?
(A) Data Register
(B) Instruction Register
(C) Data Address Register
(D) Accumulator Register

47. A collection of rules for writing programs in a programming language is known as
(A) Syntax
(B) Program logic
(C) Program Standards
(D) None Of These

48. Which one connects two similar network segments?
(A) Router
(B) Bridge
(C) Gateway
(D) Node

49. Which of the following device uses the parallel transmission?
(A) Mouse
(B) Keyboard
(C) Printer
(D) Light Pen

50. What is a diagrammatic way of representing the relationship between the entities in a database?
(A) Flowchart
(D) Algorithm

46. (D) Accumulator Register
47. (A) Syntax
48. (B) Bridge
49. (C) Printer
50. (B) ERD. More Computer Questions