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Computer MCQs

Q. The internet protocol suite is a framework for communication protocols that is divided in
(A) four layers
(B) five layers
(C) six layers
(D) seven layers

The answer is: (A) four layers ☑

Q. The goto statement causes control to go to a/an
(A) function
(B) operator
(C) variable
(D) label

The answer is: (D) label ☑

Q. Bundling data and functions together is known as
(A) debugging
(B) encapsulation
(C) overloading
(D) polymorphism

The answer is: (B) encapsulation ☑

Q. What is the statement that displays the address of the variable myvar?
(A) myvar;
(B) &myvar;
(C) cout << myvar;
(D) cout << &myvar;

The answer is: (D) cout << &myvar; ☑

Q. An address is a ________, while a pointer is a ________.
(A) constant, variable
(B) variable, constant
(C) constant, constant
(D) variable, variable

The answer is: (A) constant, variable ☑

Q. In C++, a function name must be followed by
(A) braces
(B) parentheses
(C) statement
(D) variable name

The answer is: (B) parentheses ☑

Q. Consider the main body of a program,
string a = “4”;
string b = “8”;
string c = a + b;
cout << c << endl;
If the program is run, what will be displayed on the screen?
(A) 4
(B) 8
(C) 12
(D) 48

The answer is: (D) 48 ☑

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