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Q. Internet uses _____ to communicate between devices and networks.
(B) email
(C) website
(D) internet protocol suite

The answer is: (D) internet protocol suite ☑

Q. C++ is an object oriented language, and C, BASIC, and Pascal are ________ languages.
(A) procedural
(B) scripting
(C) general purpose
(D) web based

The answer is: (A) procedural ☑

Q. The amount of time taken by a device to begin reading data is called
(A) Seek time
(B) Read time
(C) Access time
(D) Write time

The answer is: (C) Access time ☑

Q. The main function of a web server is to store and process
(A) internet
(B) websites
(C) database
(D) programs

The answer is: (B) websites ☑

Q. “Google Language Translator” is an example of the application of
(A) internet
(B) debugging
(C) computer simulations
(D) machine learning

The answer is: (D) machine learning ☑

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